TG #38

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In This Issue :

 Highline Ice Traverse + Lune River Fossils + Early Volcano Photography + Buttongrass

Hello from Melbourne, where the city has just experienced a rare phenomenon – tornadoes to the northwest of the city during a day of thunderstorms and sunshine both.

Let’s dive right into the adventures. Sometimes the mountains call and you must go – and we’ll tag along with Andy Szollosi as he spends almost a month in the snowiest, highest peaks of the central plateau. Stunning photography help bring us onto these sharp glacially-carved ridges via smartphone or screen.

After a fair bit of anticipation, we’ve also finally linked up with the team at Lunaris Gemstones, our favourite fossil and gem shop down in the deep south of Tasmania. Christine Klimek tells us about a rare and important discovery of ancient forest life found by the most improbable of chances…

Following on from the good works of The Public Domain Review, please enjoy reading about Tempest Anderson, a pioneering photographer at the start of the 20th century. Using some of the earliest portable photographic equipment, he travelled the world chasing his obsession: the volcanoes.

Finally, we pick up again with Nicole Gill’s biophilia journal from a sojourn in Melaleuca – this time we look at the most prominent of landscapes in the southwest, the buttongrass moorlands.

We hope you enjoy reading TG #38 as much as we enjoyed compiling it!


All the best,

The Editor