TG #39

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TG #39  :  Atmospherics + Citizen Science: Season + James Kelly + South Coast Aerials

Number Thirty-Nine comes to you in the early days of December with some fresh perspectives and bright images. For the first time, we’ve got some animated imagery coming through the website.  There’s an animated meteorological globe published online by nullschool that is perhaps the best bit of digital cartography I’ve yet come across. More fluid than aerial photos, and more dynamic than any other planet in our Solar System, the animated atmospheric imagery is utterly gorgeous.

We return to the mountains and join in a team effort to monitor the changing of the seasons as marked by botanical events. Nick Fitzgerald shows us how we can contribute our own observations to a number of citizen science projects monitoring the seasonal changes.

Storyteller Spinks also joins us again, reminding us of the old Mr. James Kelly, one of old Hobart-towns most prominent sailors and citizens. We’v e also tracked down the contemporary  newspaper accounts of his death…next time you find yourself on the Kelly Steps above Salamanca in Hobart spare a thought for yesteryear.

And we are again delighted to work with Geraldine Dijkstra, photographer and artist. She’s taken the remarkable flight down into Melaleuca and explored along the South Coast of the island – and has returned with a set of photos to share with you.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as  we enjoyed compiling it!



All the best,

The Editor