TG #42

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In This Issue :

The Lake of Fire + Solo Southwestern Skiing + Winter Customs + Vintage  Space Tourism Posters

The first snows have fallen on the Mountain and the days are shortening fast. The season of calm is almost upon us. Technically, it’s autumn, but it does feel like winter is creeping up.
There’s some fantastic articles coming at you in this issue – two from other worlds and two from right here on the island. We’re about to experience very hot and very cold.  In perhaps one of the most remarkable bits of on-ropes adventuring I’ve yet heard of it, Geoff Mackley takes us with him as he descends into the crater of a live volcano to stand at the edge of one of the world’s only liquid lava pools. It’s a bit surreal, but spectacularly so.
We’ll also clip into the skis and head up into the dominant dolerite mountains of the southwest during the last seasons memorable snowfall in August. This year’s El Nino will probably preclude any such snow masses, but it’ s nice to dream. Special thanks to Mark Oates for producing and sharing this excellent film.

Storyteller Spinks chimes in with a meditation on the habits and comforts of the winter season, and finally, there’s some beautiful public domain work out of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory: vintage travel posters from an imaginary age of Space Tourism.


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The Editor