TG #46

TG #46: Threads! Recycling! Seabirds! Tree Hollow Carving!


From the treetops to the seashore, and from the recycling plant to the handmade treasure, there’s some interesting stuff in this here issue #46.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways of recording and understanding our environment. Photos, illustration, audio recording – all help us document the real world. But what about needle and thread? We were amazed to discover Nostalgia Tasmania’s wonderful imagery of Tasmanian landmarks – beautiful images in just a few pixels of thread and colour.

Peter Vaughan contributes his first photo gallery with a shorebird collection. Those albatrosses are simply wonderful, and he has a definite eye for these feathered friends. Maria Grist sends in another excellent historical piece, this time on the recycling plant set up on Hobart’s Eastern Shore. It’s no longer there – it exploded – but you’ll have to read her story to learn more.

Last but not least, we join an expedition of Victorian arborists in the beautiful forests of Bruny Island, where they apply their skills with rope and chainsaw to a novel use: carving habitat hollows for the endangered swift parrot. (Special thanks to Grant at Ironbark Environmental Arboriculture for the lead on this story).

By the time you read this I’ll be on a kayaking trip into the Southwest to finally see Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey. Wish me luck!

We’ll be at Issue Fifty before you know it. Should we have a party now, or save it until One Hundred?


All the best,

The Editor