TG #5

The days are getting longer, and exploration season is coming soon. If you’re planning on adventures outdoors, you’ll now have more daylight than nighttime.

This issue is filled to the brim with instances of the best science, history, adventure, and music we could track down.

Don’t miss the wonderful link to the 1939 film “The Isle of Many Waters. renowned 20th century photographer Frank Hurley as he travels Tasmania for a travel documentary. This ten minute film is a true gem, and an amazing look into life almost a hundred years ago. The people may be different, but the scenery is instantly recognisable. His narration is as optimistic and cheerful as you could imagine…and his work is a continuing inspiration to Tasmanian Geographic.

We’ll join an expedition deep underground to learn about Tasmania’s magical glowworms, and hear an old musical tune brought to life.

And if that’s not enough, there’s the trip report from the first women kayakers to circumnavigate Tasmania- the 900 mile journey took them more than a month as they battled the famously stormy seas.

You might notice something different– photos will pop up in a new format lightbox, complete with social sharing buttons for each image. If you see something you like, send it to a friend!

Until next time.

— The Editor