TG #52

TG #52 : Forgotten Emus + Gorgeous Orchids + Eye for Detail  + Petrified Wood


Welcome back!

This issue comes to you as we yo-yo our way from hot and dry through to cold and rainy and then back again. Exciting times!

Here to enliven your day is a new quartet of articles that illuminate our world is some way.

Have you ever wondered why there is an Emu Bay on the north coast, but no Emus? Tristan Derham contributes to our understanding of one of the true missing pieces of Tasmanian fauna. It’s a relatively recent story, and one which reminds us of an earlier time.

Sue & Russell Twining help us to take a deep look at the orchids that pop up from the soil around Tasmania, and inspire us to focus our cameras with skill and care. I’m sure you’ll find this article as engaging as I did.

The many-skilled Apple Isle Prospector gives us a bit of an overview of petrified wood occurring across the island, and you’ll be that much more eager to look at a piece next time you are at Salamanca Market, or down at Lune River, or just wandering on the right beach….

Finally, Horst Tiefholz’s beautiful architectural drawings enliven our view of the Hobart region. He had an eye for detail, and while he unfortunately passed away shortly after this article was compiled, he was delighted for the opportunity to share these skills with a larger audience.

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Happy trails,

The Editor