The Eastern Islands: Over on the Kiwi Coast

If you like to think of Tasmania as the West Island of New Zealand, then perhaps you might enjoy thinking of those islands as the Eastern Isles of Tasmania. However, despite the cultural and botanical similarities, the geology and landscape is something different altogether. The South Island of New Zealand never fails to impress…


Tasmanian nature photographer and regular TG contributor Arwen Dyer recently spent a month photographing Aotearoa/New Zealand, exploring snow-capped mountains, rainforests, lakes, limestone arches, wild coastlines and more. While in NZ, Arwen was an Artist in Residence at the Living in Peace Project. The opportunities in NZ allowed her to create images for her global project called “Celestial Archipelagos”. The next part of this project involves an Artist Residency in the Arctic Circle.

In order to complete this adventure, Arwen has launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Please consider making a pledge:

Celestial Archipelagos: the Arctic by Arwen Dyer