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Get in Touch, Get Published

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm, and for sharing ideas for our consideration. We look forward to working with you to publish your work. These guidelines are designed to aid that process, and may be of service in your projects and endeavours.

On a planet that has been extensively mapped, we believe that there are still entire regions of thought, creativity, and understanding to be charted and explored. We enjoy any sort of content with an exploratory or educational slant. It does not have to be about Tasmania!

We are a multimedia outlet via our website at and the associated Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ networks.

We are happy to consider previously published material, including book excerpts. We request the rights to post and share your material on our website and to use in future marketing effort (with attribution). We will be enabling readers to share content via social networks.

The best way to get a sense of our content is to look at the web page. We aim to bundle between eight and twelve pieces of content each month into two fortnightly issues.

Due to the number of contributions received, we cannot always publish your material. This is not necessarily a comment on the quality of your work.

If we haven’t corresponded yet, the best way to work with us is to send us a short preview pitch email with attached photos describing your ideas.

What’s a Pitch?

Glad you asked! It’s a quick inquiry about an idea you’d like to share or have already produced. It’s a good way to start a correspondence. Tasmanian Geographic gets a fair bit of material sent its way, and while we’d absolutely love to read and help develop every idea sent to us, we simply can’t devote the time to it. If you are confident in your craft, and have followed the simple instructions in these guidelines, by all means, send it in its final form.

If we haven’t worked together before, or if we haven’t already corresponded about an idea, sending along a big mass of text will likely cause us to delay reading it until a convenient time.

Interviews, travelogues, project updates, trip reports, essays, and reviews are all fine by us. We are not a news journal, but are interested in current affairs. Overall, we prefer “evergreen” content.


Our main content is articles combining 500-2000 words of text with at least ten photographs. If possible, please provide a short list of interesting facts to run as a sidebar.

Please spell-check your text, and consider running it past a trusted friend for a proof read. If necessary, we will make minor corrections of spelling and grammar of our own initiative, and promise that we will discuss any major changes with you.

Make sure your quotes are accurate. We strongly insist that you maintain a list of your reference materials- you don’t need to send them our way, but keep them on hand if required.

Send us the text “inline”, that is, pasted into an email. Our email program can handle bold and italic fonts; if it’s absolutely necessary to use anything more complicated than this, then send an attached document as a .docx.

Please please Please chekc your spelling and, punctuation?

Do not include images in attached documents, but send them as captioned files (see below).

While we have the ability to externally source photographs, we prefer that authors provide accompanying images. (Guidelines for images are below). Please ensure that you have appropriate permission to use the images from the copyright holders, and have captioned them properly.

Images & Multimedia

We can work with images as illustrations with an article or as a themed photo or art essay with at least a paragraph of summary description (easiest for photographers)

Please provide images with the file names as captions of less than thirty words. Make them somewhat interesting- why did you take this photo? Please ensure that this caption retains the name of the photographer (even if it is yourself), e.g. “A rainbow is observed in the high mountains of the Himalaya- by Galen Rowell.jpg”. Check your speling and Capitalisation, as errors in these do stand out!

Send .jpg or.png images less than 2 mb, unless specifically requested.

Your photos WILL be shared on social media and published on a share-enabled web site. We will do our best to retain all the metadata and captioning….but the best solution is for you to watermark your images lightly. We encourage you to lightly watermark your photographs with your name, www and/or photo business, but please do so in a measured manner.

Please check and doublecheck that you have the appropriate permissions to the photographs. This may require checking in with photographers, models, subjects, and copyright holders. By sending us images you assert that all is OK.

Artwork, maps, audio, and video will be published using similar templates to that on the website. We’ll manually generate screenshots from videos for low-bandwidth users and online sharing. Whenever possible, please caption the files properly. We are especially interested in photospheres, timelapses, and interactive maps.

Sharing is caring

We hope that contributors will actively share their and other articles with their friends via social networks, and thereby help the magazine reach new audiences. Please feel free to forward this document to anyone you know who may be interested in sharing their work.

Tasmanian Geographic is active on a number of social networks and will champion your content to the world. The best way to get a sense of how this work will be championed is to see how past content is being shared. At present, we are unable to financially reward our contributors. We will endeavor to share your art, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the widest possible audience.

About You

If you are a new contributor to Tasmanian Geographic, we’ll need a  short biography (100 words), a photograph of yourself, and contact details including links to web pages, affiliations, or businesses. You’ll be permanently listed on our “Contributors” page.

Send it along!

Use the link below or you can always contact us at: